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내 고양이가 내 손가락에 씹는 이유는 무엇입니까?

 danielle, 20 Jul에서 2014 년 7 월 8 일까지 |
Ouch! One moment you are cuddling your soft purring kitty and the next moment their teeth are embedded in your finger. What is behind cats and finger nipping?
Rarely is your cat actually being aggressive when they dig their teeth into your finger. If we had thick fur and stretchy skin like a cat, a nip wouldn’t hurt all that much. Between littermates and mothers and kittens, biting and chewing is regular and acceptable behaviour. When your cat nips you on the fingers, it is probably simply expressing his or her affection for you as they would to another cat.
Whilst it's sweet and lovely that your cat is being so affectionate, the nipping probably needs to stop - especially if they are accidentally drawing blood!


Since their intentions are positive, it is best not to reject their well-meant gesture with shouting and scolding. Placing them on the ground and stopping your cuddle session can work quite well as your cat learns chewing leads to the end of their special time with you for a while. It may take some time but eventually the association will become firm.
Chewing behaviour in kittens can also be related to teething, your fingers simply being convenient ‘chew toys’ for your kitten to relieve their discomfort on. If you suspect this may be part of the problem try providing alternatives for them to gnaw on, such as special cat toys or chewy treats.

Persistence and clear rules set down fairly and firmly will eventually put an end to the problem, as your kitten or cat learns their love bites aren't desired and are best either stopped, or reserved for toys.  


Shirley Wardzinski - Comment
Shirley Wardzinski26 Jul 2014Reply
내 고양이 JB, 내 손에 씹을 때 그는 내가 뭔가를하고 싶어하고 그가 메시지를받지 못했다고 생각한다! 더 많은 음식을 내놓을 시간. 침대에서 나와 키티 아침 식사를 할 시간!
Britt - Comment
Britt26 Jul 2014Reply
Naw, 그들은 단지 곡물이 가득 찬 애완 동물 사료를 먹기보다는 치아를 가라 앉히기위한 멋진 고기 덩어리를 찾고 있습니다.
JB - Comment
JB26 Jul 2014Reply
나는 셜리의 고양이는 아니지만 내 새끼 고양이 카이 라니는 끊임없이 내 손가락을 뒤쫓고있다. 내가 믿는 젖니가 / playtoys. 어쨌든 내 해결책은 카이 라니와 내가 장난기를 즐기는 것을 허용하는 한 쌍의 가죽 작업 장갑입니다.
Susan - Comment
Susan26 Jul 2014Reply
내 17 년 된 Birman은 여전히 ​​그가 내 무릎을 씹을 수 있다고 생각합니다!
반바지 입고 중지!
Mariam  - Comment
Mariam 19 Feb 2016Reply
나의 2 마리의 새끼 고양이는 핥기 위하여 시작하고 나의 손가락을 씹는 다 전혀 아프지 않다. 그러나 나는 왜 그들이 나의 손가락을 씹는 것을 좋아하는지 묻는다.
ToriBear - Comment
ToriBear13 Sep 2017Reply
내 고양이는 내 손가락을 물지 만 열심히하지는 않습니다. 그는 그 (것)들을 할 때 그 (것)들을 핥고 물고, 보통 purrs이다. 그냥 사랑을 보여주는 hes 의미가 있습니다. 그는 착한 아기입니다.
Alison Morgan  - Comment
Alison Morgan 06 월 2016 일Reply
My friend has 3 cats who get lots of love from me when I visit or pet sit them. All of them occasionally put their mouth over my finger. At first it was almost like nursing though they are all adults. But Precious, a very affectionate calico Persian has started chewing. The chewing has gotten harder and it hurts. I am the one who feeds them when I pet sit, and they sleep with me (almost ON me!) So I guess it's love bites?
Samantha Lynn Manning - Comment
Samantha Lynn Manning06 월 2016 일Reply
고양이는 전에 당신을 시험해 본 맛이었고 이제는 시도하기에 충분히 맛있다고 결정했습니다.
Your Nan - Comment
Your Nan06 월 2016 일Reply
Don't listen to her...the cat is being affectionate...but if the bites get too hard for you to handle, then put the cat down until the hard biting stops.
Gerald Knowlton - Comment
Gerald Knowlton15 Apr 2017Reply
My cat was just being all cute and sweet and cuddling. When he was lightly lightly nibbling on my fingers when all the sudden he started biting down I had to flick his little nose nothing harder anything so don't be calling Peta on me haha. I looked at him and told him that it hurt. He did the cutest thing ever he licked my fingers and purred gave me kisses and then left....true story no lie it was super adorable
Sierra U - Comment
Sierra U23 May 2017Reply
I have an adult cat that is 6 months old and he will be giving me lots of love one moment then he will start to chew on my fingers. I really don't know what got him to start doing this. He hasn't drew blood but the chewing hurts and I am unsure why he does this. He has never done this in the 4 and a half months I have had him. I usually just have to walk away for him to get the message that it isn't acceptable!
Jami - Comment
Jami07 Jun 2017Reply
My 14 mo male neutered cat acts like a baby. He still meows at me like a kitten and he chews and licks on everything I own. He chews my fingers, my cell phone, purse, my computer, etc. He was adopted. Was he just weaned too early?
Judi  - Comment
Judi 23 Aug 2017Reply
My 10 year old cat stiii will nibble on my hand or arm. It's no more than nibbling, if that. She seems to do it most often when we go to bed. I think she means it as affection. Her daughter-cat has never done this. Surprising!
Linda - Comment
Linda23 Nov 2017Reply
I just adopted a kitty that they say is about a year old. I am wondering if he is younger because he is constantly chewing my fingers (when I gently say "no teeth" he does stop, but it is a persistent behavior. This afteroon my 5 year old was eating and Totem, the new kitty, bit her hindside. He chases her relentlessly more like a little cat, although he's 10 pounds and the 5 year old is 7 pounds.
Chris  - Comment
Chris 09 Jan 2018Reply
나는 그것이 내 고양이를 위해 대부분 잘 젖었다라고 생각한다 그것은 그가 침대에서 나의 다리 사이에 있고, 그의 발을 가져갈 것이고, 그의 입에 나의 손가락을 가져올 것 인 cuz 다. 그러나 각 엄지 손가락은 그의 것 또한 지나간 다. 그냥 마을로 간다. 그는 1 년이되지 않아 아직 성장하고있다. 나는 그것이 나의 첫 번째 고양이라고 생각할 것이다.
Sharky - Comment
Sharky29 Jan 2018Reply
내 고양이 중 하나 (여성, 4 세, 6 개월 이후로 나와 함께 해왔습니다.)가 내 손목을 부드럽게 g아 먹는 것을 좋아합니다. 나는 이것이 낙담해야한다는 것을 알고 있지만, 그녀가하는 동안 그녀는 purrs 그래서 그것은 일종의 일종. 그녀는 매우 애정 어린 고양이입니다.
Eiron - Comment
Eiron23 May 2017Reply
내 고양이는 거의 1 살입니다. 그녀는 내 손을 냄새 맡고 그녀는 나를 핥아서 피를 뽑아 낼 것입니다. 또는 그녀는 내가 잠 들어올 때까지 기다린다. 그리고 나는 그녀의 끌기 피까지 자고있다.
Ladyace - Comment
Ladyace05 Jul 2018Reply
My cat will be 2 in October an still chews on my fingers it does not hurt so is she still teething
MKING - Comment
MKING10 Aug 2018Reply
Our little cat is now almost 7 years old: She pads for 20 minutes at a time on us and then settles. Occasionally she will take the end of one of my fingers in one or both paws and lick the end of my finger and then clean under my finger nails! She never bites except to clean under the nails. It's just affection like chewing my hair.
Sambone - Comment
Sambone31 Aug 2018Reply
내 성숙한 고양이는 특히 아침과 저녁에 손가락으로 씹어 먹을 때 늦었습니다. 나는 그가 내 음식을 원한다고 말하고있다. 그는 마른 음식을 가지고 있지만 이것은 그가 통조림 음식을 원할 때입니다.
Elle - Comment
Elle19 Dec 2018Reply
My Luna does this to me all the time. Instead of completely curbing her behavior by stopping immediately and putting her down, as I feel that rejecting the affection entirely would be rude, I simply tell her "Ow, that hurts", pull my hand away, shake my finger at her then give it back. She has come to realize that my skin isn't as resilient to her teeth and she still does it but at a pleasant level and rarely bites too hard anymore.
Luke - Comment
Luke23 May 2017Reply
My cat, an eleven year old tom, went through a lot in his early life, but now he is settled and content at our home. If he ever sees me sitting down he will most likely jump up into my lap, which is nice, but after a while he will want to gnaw on my fingers and then bite down and most likely draw blood. This was very helpful. Also, most cats will react to scratching above their tail (like being tickled). My cat is most of the time very reactive to this even if I rub around it. And a lot of the time will try to gnaw my fingers after doing this.

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